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This covers the start of my tuning efforts and has continued up to the present time.I rode second next to Les Weatherby in the world's first mile T T in Chatswood in North Sydney.A foundry told me how to go about making patterns and I finally had them finished after a year of work until the first day it ran.

Burt had purchased an old Nash sedan, a 1941, I believe, to tow his motorcycle. Well it is a bit hard to cram a brief history and spec of a bike I bought new in 1920 for 140 pounds cash and have been developing since 1926. faster each year for 44 years which is about average for some factory bikes over the same period.He got my interest early on because of what he was doing and his advanced years... (In time, I was to understand and see that in a different light.) I first talked to Burt at the nine mile post on record runs in 1962.It was my job at the post to talk to the drivers/riders and inform them of the proper procedures for making the return run.Although he failed on this attempt, he came back later in the week to set the record.In the coming days and years, I came to know and appreciate this man and his stories.

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