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“People treat them like outcasts, but some have lost their parents, maybe their father married another woman, their backgrounds are hard,” Kabundi says.

When he arranges a time with them the kids arrive early, eagerly waiting for their lesson.

The skating federation has also been training more serious speed skaters for competitions as far away as Spain, in turn inspiring youngsters who see that the sport can be more than a recreational activity.

“People realized it’s something that can take you places,” says Mburu, whose group is working to expand skating opportunities across Kenya.

All that matters is skating.” Alongside of his work, Kabundi has, for the last four years, found time to teach the homeless street kids who hang around the parking lot for free.

Mostly orphans, they sleep on strips of cardboard in the flowerbeds and rummage through garbage cans for food.

Kenya’s political history is famously turbulent, and in 2007 widespread violence broke out between tribes after a disputed election, killing more than a thousand people.

Taking out his smartphone, he starts checking Instagram, watching videos from Singapore to learn and master new moves.

“The passion keeps on rising because I keep on discovering new stuff,” he says, his face breaking in to one of his easy, cheeky smiles.

I blushed, hung my head, and walked fast, staccato strides to get to my office.

Yet another dude had created yet another fake profile account for the porn star I used to be.

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