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"It's about sharing the story of South Australia, but as told by the man on the street," Mason told me. Everyone over there is talking about reunification of Gaza's disparate governments. I stepped into the Australian Portal while visiting the Hybrid World Adelaide tech conference in South Australia. I just took a selfie in a shipping container via teleconference with 3 people in Gaza... #portal HWA @sharedstudios pic.twitter.com/n SJ3s Gi Nip— Claire Reilly (@reillystyley) October 4, 2017We talked about the weather in Gaza. They told us that, in Gaza, nothing can really be separated from politics. Download Google Duo from the Play Store Regardless of which platform people operate on, Whats App remains popular for communication.Taking this universal appeal into account, Whats App added video calling capabilities to the platform in November of 2016 and turned it into an all-round solution.Even though they performed the same, Viber has taken a different direction since then with public chats.That said, its stand out feature has been video conferencing.The platform has developed a reputation for business friendliness.You can share your screen over a one-on-one call as well as with a group.

Video chat is the “future” as promised by science fiction since the 1970’s.This is exclusive for one-on-one conversations, and does not affect group chats (just like Whats App’s voice function).Whatever compression algorithm they have in place, it works quite well under weak connectivity.The first Portals were set up in New York and Tehran in 2014, and there are now 23 across the world, in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. I couldn't believe I'd made a connection with three total strangers, all through a video chat. The only thing left to do was to work out how we'd find each other online. By the end of the night, I'd already made a new friend on Twitter.The curator of Adelaide's Portal, Max Mason, said he wants to connect people globally, but without relying on formal diplomatic channels or the words of politicians. But the best part came when I asked them for a selfie. I just can't believe I met her in a shipping container.

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