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You will not gain anything from sleeping with him but he will gain everything.You will just be a number to him, another conquest he can notch up on his bed post.Walk away with your head held high and be proud that you did not fall for this player.​He is overly friendly with other women because he has to be the one.He has to be the only one in the room who can get every woman on his side. It does not matter if they are with their own partners or that he is with you, he still wants every female to have the hots for him. He will not care that you are uncomfortable with him acting this way. He won't push you completely away because he has to know that he is going to get sex sometime in the evening, but he will not care one jot about your feelings. He will chance his hand with every woman in the room, until he gets a hit.He will even make you think you are a nag if you keep asking why he is late.Overtime you might even stop asking him where has been to make him so Late because you will not want to be thought of as a moaning Minnie.

He can't bear to let one of you go because that would mean he has lost control over you, and one thing a player wants more than anything is to have control over you.

He would have paid you attention when you first met him because he wanted you to fall for him. The signs are there, you just need to wake up and see them. My friend Sheila's advice for you is to be strong emotionally and step quickly away from this man. He tries to sweet talk you into his bed because a player cannot bear the thought that he can't get what he wants. He may be good looking, he may have a good personality, he may have a good body, but he is no good for you!

Next time you see that his eyes are on the move, recognize him for what he really is, he is a player. You deserve better.​He will be all over you one day, but not the next, the reason for this is simple, and he is not that interested in you. She says when this same situation happened to her, she was reluctant to take the step away from him, because she felt like she had failed. I know you will probably feel flattered that this good looking man is taking an interest in you, but it is not actually you he wants, he just wants sex.

Learn how to spot a player and improve your chances of hitting it off with one of the good guys instead. Read the following reasons and you will find out why. ​His eyes will always be on the move because even though you consider yourself to be his girlfriend, he doesn't!

Whether you are an attractive person on the inside or on the outside, or even maybe both, you deserve to be treated well when you are dating. My friends and I have thought long and hard about this topic, we want you to travel along life's dating highway without ever having the misfortune of meeting one of the dreaded players that are lurking out there, waiting for poor unsuspecting you to come their way. You are just one of his many conquests, and he will already be looking for his next one.

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There is a fine line between being friendly and being flirtatious and your man always crosses that line because he is a player.

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