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However as I settled into post menopause life I realised that I was starting to experience periods of intense sexual need.The ‘ache would start slowly then build over a few days to an intensity that had me masturbating 4 or 5 times a day.A philandering life at sea and a deep appreciation of the mature woman has taught me that this is not as rare a situation as ‘normal’ people might imagine.Barb had been married to Al for 35 years, given him three great k**s and four grandc***dren – the apples of their eyes and your typical close Aussie f****y.As we often shared our fantasies with each other and mine involved sex with other guys and multiple partners and large cocks, Al suggested from time to time that he’d willingly encourage me to live out my fantasies – as that was part of his too – seeing me in action with others.However it was always dismissed as just that – fantasy.

Just part of life’s bio-rhythms but they usually all diminish with age – the physical and emotional had levelled nicely and it seems like all the intensity was directed to the sexual.These clubs have been a part of seafarer’s lives worldwide for over a century and have always been run by the church.My interest stemmed from the fact that my husband is a seafarer and I know how helpful they have been over the years.Orgasms were what I was now demanding and I didn’t mind how they came.Al has a wicked tongue and was happy to lick me for hours on end then I’d put on a show for him with a couple of dildos or vibrators. Now I do have another life as well – it’s not all hot sweaty sex.

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  1. Him: Where I come from, we have perfected the art of a poker face. When was the last time that the both of you played around like kids When was the last time you chased her around that cheap apartment of yours? You will get comfortable with life, focus too much on earning a living, then completely forget to live.