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This process begins almost immediately during the initial idealisation phase of the relationship.

The psychopath/narcissist uses crafted charm, mirroring and intense flattery in order to make you believe you have met your ideal partner in the form of a devoted and loyal soul mate.

Secondly, it keeps you focused on satisfying their needs as you look for ways to hold on to their affection.

Thirdly, your ever increasing desperation gives them the opportunity to label you as 'crazy' and 'paranoid', as they accuse you of over-reacting.

During these periods of relative calm, their seemingly cordial and attentive behaviour will, more often than not, take place in the company of others.

This helps to bolster their fake image as a normal and loving partner to friends, family and other acquaintances.

One way to satisfy both their ego and their thirst for drama, is to manufacture an emotional state of jealousy using manipulative tactics such as triangulation.The false sense of security you have been lulled into, now leaves your emotions ripe for manipulation.Once a strong bond has been created, the psychopath/narcissist now begins to respond to your emotions in a completely different way, using them as a guide as to how to control your future behaviour.The lack of healthy emotional activity in the mind of a psychopath/narcissist creates intense boredom, irritability and a thirst for drama.With the addition of an insatiable ego driving their desire to control and dominate, the psychopath/narcissist looks to our emotions to get their fix.

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