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But during the three weeks that we were rehearsing, we had classes to learn how to behave in the roles, like movement class. I don't know how much of it was incorporated in the film, but it was certainly good for the mind. Named after a combination of evil doll Chucky and Renesmee Cullen, the doll was said to have genuinely terrified cast-members and director Bill Condon called it "a giant misfire" and "a horror show," instead casting Mackenzie Foy to play the real life daughter of Edward and Bella. The pair looked happy to be in each other's company, memories of their acrimonious summer seemingly all but forgotten as they lit up the red carpet in Los Angeles.Continue reading: Creepy Twilight Doll Cut From Movie REVEALED. Not long since the harrowing and almost fatal birth of their daughter Renesmee, newly born vampire Bella Cullen nee Swan and her new husband Edward have even more deadly drama to contend with.It wouldn't matter if there was a picture of Rosalie on the cover of the book—everyone would still have their own idea of who she is because everyone relates to the characters in a different way. And then, the punch line for Rosalie is that she's the most beautiful person in the world. I think that once the movie comes out, everyone will realize that we are these characters. I have brown hair, tan skin, and I'm not six feet tall.

Continue reading: What Have Nikki Reed And Ian Somerhalder Named Their Baby Daughter?I hadn't heard of the books, to be perfectly honest. I don't believe in any of this new-wave generation stuff that's all about connections on the Internet. It's called "Kids, Get Your Ass into Books and Off of My Space!I read the three books that were available when we were in rehearsal in Portland. I can see it being very visually stimulating on-screen. Tina Fey could run this country before Sarah Palin could! It's very unnatural to be plucked out of our life and put on location, wherever that is, and be told, "This is your cast and these are the people you're going to get to know in the next six months." It's very common to become close with those people in that time, and then everyone goes back to their lives. Kristen and I had a very natural progression to our friendship. It's spread like wildfire and the film hasn't even come out yet. When I walk down the street, people call my character's name! She was in rehearsal on her own a lot, as was I, but we became very close over the months and now I'm like a part of her family.

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Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev want you to know that there’s no bad blood between them.

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