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This film is a coming of age picture for the four main characters, and how their lives change over one Christmas holiday. Four orphan boys from a Roman Catholic orphanage in the outback of Australia – Maps, Misty, Spark and Spit – were all born in the month of December, and for their birthday, they are sent on a holiday to the beach to stay with Mr. Misty, Spark and Spit instantly become closer to Teresa, but Maps, eldest of the four, is still reluctant to talk to her.

For him to choose a little Australian independent film after Harry Potter was just so amazing for an Australian, just so exciting and, obviously, for me personally, it was such a huge thing to have him onboard. I got my team together and I started auditioning for films and I got a few offers in that first week when I came over here so it was exciting. It’s very different from where I’m from, but it’s exciting and it’s where you need to be for my career. I’ve been really happy with the work that I’ve done. I kind of fell into it and I was like ‘Wow, this is fun. I can’t believe we got permission to shoot there, but I’m so glad we did because I think it just looks so magical in the film. There is such a feeling when you stand up there so you can see the whole world. I don’t know what happened and how they got there, but they are really remarkable. It’s something that I remember seeing when I was so young.As the boys begin to trust and depend upon the adults in the town, as well as each other, positive lessons are learned.Young boys look at brassiere ads, spy on adult females undressing in shadows and silhouetted in shower.

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