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On the following day, September 30, our ship will dock on the other side of the island in Kona. This giant menace stands as a grim reminder of its violent past.

It turns out there is a Hot Spot down in the ocean floor.The WSSA Board of Directors visited Waikoloa in July and I can only say, wow! As if the opportunity to visit Hawaii in February was not enough, Program Chair, Rod Lym, and Program Vice-Chair, Jim Kells, are putting together a great meeting, with some new twists, where you will hear and discuss the latest weed science research results, network with research, teaching, extension and industry weed scientists from around the world, and enjoy the fellowship of our Society.Waikoloa Village is a luxurious Hilton resort located on Hawaii's Big Island. At 62 acres, it covers an enormous area the size of nearly 60 football fields laid side by side.Waikoloa Village was built right on top of a lava field!Just 30 miles in the distance, the enormous dormant volcano Mauna Kea looms over the resort like an ancient sleeping monster.

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