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A person convicted of a domestic violence crime can lose the right to own or possess firearms and will be ineligible for certain types of education financial aid.

Being a convicted felon for a violent crime also can seriously impact your life and limit your rights as a citizen.

A person on community supervision must meet with a probation officer, pay probation costs, and comply with conditions such as treatment, maintaining employment, curfews, drug tests, and avoiding any further criminal activity or arrests.

Any criminal conviction – even a misdemeanor – becomes part of your permanent criminal record.

A rope used to strangle someone or a metal pipe or baseball bat used to strike or attempt to strike someone are all deadly weapons because of the manner in which they were used. In addition to assault crimes, a person in Texas can be convicted of the crime of continuous violence against the family if he commits two domestic assaults in twelve months.

From Farrow and eight of her kids, including the long-silent Dylan, Maureen Orth gets the full story of life before and after Woody Allen.The arrest, deferral and dismissal will be part of the defendant’s criminal record.If the defendant fails to satisfy the court’s requirements, the court will impose a sentence and enter a conviction.If you are facing a domestic violence charge, you should consider hiring an attorney.An experienced attorney can review and investigate your case and advise you on all the options you have from entering into a plea agreement to going to trial.

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