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A Lafayette, LA-based fivesome, the members of Givers met back in high school, and have been jamming together since 2008…only one year before they kicked so much butt opening for The Dirty Projectors at a hometown show that the Projecters asked them to join them for a future tour. And not in a creepy, religious rock way either—but through exuberant, sun-kissed pop that positively explodes with warmth; that gushes joy; that overwhelms with feelings of happiness and delight.We were doin’ that, and suddenly this guy climbs up on stage and he’s like, ‘You mind? Gordon Gano was also featured on the Lost Bayou Ramblers' 2012 release, Mammoth Waltz, along with guest artists Scarlett Johansson and Dr. Besides the diverse list of guests, Mammoth Waltz was a muisical breakthrough for LBR and the genre as a whole, drawing on influences from the modern soundscape beyond the genre.The result was a passport to play for audiences who may not have known Cajun music, but who appreciated Lost Bayou Ramblers for their music, not their genre.After the newly christened Givers performed at Baton Rouge's stalwart music hall Spanish Moon, booking agent Aaron Scruggs gave the band what would become one of the "major accidents that became very fruitful occurrences," according to Guarisco. As they were completely separated from city life — "You can't hear cars, there's no light pollution," said Guarisco — they never found themselves distracted, simply waking up to record until "[we] were dead tired" in the late night.For their Baton Rouge show, Dirty Projectors had a rare opening slot, and Scruggs gave it to Givers, who had been performing only part-time since their 2008 formation. Label founder Daniel Glass had run a mile from his train to the venue to catch the performance, and was "mesmerized," later explaining "It was a visceral moment for me. The only time this happened to me was when I walked into a brasserie in Paris and I met Phoenix."Their song "Up Up Up" is featured on EA Sports game, FIFA 12 and in the US Television Series Glee, Season 3, Episode 15 - "Big Brother" (performed by Kevin Mc Hale and Dianna Agron), broadcast on April 10, 2012, Windows 8 Release Preview advertisement and the newly announced Nokia Lumia 720.The band's origins date to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which displaced Lamson and Guarisco from their New Orleans apartment and school, leading them to return to Lafayette with little to do.

The Ramblers had their first international performance in Lyon, France in November 2004, and have since toured through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, and Sweden.

any parents, kids, any person our age can enjoy it, and it will open them up." Mission accomplished?

“Ceiling of Plankton” is a surprisingly sweet love song, with creative tempo shifts, clip-clop percussion, and swoon-worthy lyrics like “.” “Atlantic” is an affecting slow jam, vocalist Tiffany Lamson’s breath-y vocals soaring over effervescent guitar and flute.

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