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But one of the most frequently gifted books stood out because it contained lessons that we all need to learn. The key lessons from Siddartha are that to accomplish anything, we need to be skilled at thinking, at enduring, and being patient.Here’s Tim: Siddhartha talks about the benefits of being able to think, being able to fast, and being able to wait.You wake up most mornings and the world is already screaming at you. You’re not following a plan and getting your goals accomplished, you’re desperately responding to all the things the world is throwing at you.

A few books were mentioned over and over like Sapiens, Poor Charlie’s Almanack, Man’s Search for Meaning, and Influence.

Unlike others, Mark does not believe in waking up so early in the morning. Wears the same t-shirt everyday to avoid wasting time deciding what to wear every day. Hugs his kids for five minutes before leaving the house. Gets up early around 6 to 7 am and tries to utilize every single second by enjoying it.

Then he does work for half an hour and after that spends time with his family.

Can not argue much here, after all he is handling 6 big companies including Space X and Tesla at the same time. Spends an hour on the treadmill in his private gym.

Watches courses from the Teaching Company while doing so.

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What many of them realized was that their flaws were not scientifically and objectively “bad.” They were qualities that went against the grain or were merely unpopular. (I’m a huge fan, myself.) But when Dan started out in radio everyone said his manner of speaking was terrible. In fact, he deliberately called attention to it and made it his signature style.

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