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Bolstered by a long will-they-or-won't-they romantic arc with Dwayne, Whitley went from annoying pest to fan favorite and, frankly, she gave us much better TV than Denise.

Whitley's outlandish princess charisma teetered on insufferable, but was eventually scaled back enough to make us laugh and love her.

As the wisecracking resident coach, he’s somehow still as damn funny now as he was then.

In the first season, we were introduced to Denise's well-traveled and rambling roommate, Maggie, played by Tomei.

When Denise left Hillman, the show needed a new protagonist as its primary focal point.

The rappers of Kriss Kross played two members of rival gangs in the season-six episode, "Original Teacher." The fine funky divas of En Vogue also popped up during season six as the nerdy church choir nieces of Mr.Dwayne Wayne was geek chic long before it was a fad, and as the show went on, Hardison even wrote and directed some episodes.NBC was not satisfied with the lukewarm ovation that the first season received from audiences and critics. Enter Debbie Allen, the mastermind behind Fame — and Cosby matriarch Phylicia Rashad’s real-life sister.Allen even made an appearance in a couple of episodes as Whitley's therapist teaching her and all of us to "Relax, relate, release!" will make you say "I didn't know they were on this show! Cosby's shows often found unknown actors and entertainers who would soon hit the big time.

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Basically, it was your average first-year college experience starring Lisa Bonet.

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