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And this tip does not work for the latest models of i Phones, including i Phone SE or 7 models.Be mindful that any restores of i OS10 require i Tunes and consequently, need a newer Windows OS.Apple does offer anyone with an i Device to visit an Apple store use their Mac’s for your i Tunes management. Or another option is to treating your i OS 10 devices as standalone devices and perform all backups, restores, etc via i Cloud.Apple knows that the i Tunes interface is extremely confusing and needs work.So the latest versions of i Tunes and of i OS for your i Devices won’t work on Windows XP or Windows Vista.We’re sorry; we know a lot of your like XP or Vista for security and many other reasons.If you don’t have i Tunes installed, you can always download it from Once you upgrade your operating system, try to sync using i Tunes. The key is to know that YOU need to update your Mac so that you can update your i Tunes.

This link provides you with both the Windows and the Mac versions.

If you go this route, you need to restore via i Cloud or move your i Tunes backup to a computer with a newer windows operating system (7 and beyond.) Further bad news is that i Phones and i Devices running i OS 10.2 and higher require at least Windows 7 or above.

The update to 10.2 apparently broke all backward compatibility with i Tunes

Many readers use their windows PCs to update and backup their i Phones and other i Devices.

Unfortunately, i Folks with windows aren’t spared this error message and frequently see it when working with older versions of Microsoft’s operating systems.

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