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I saw this same situation happening over and over again throughout the reviews.

I will be investigating this further as I want my 0 I spent over the past 2 weeks trying to have conversations with people, back. You will be seeing this website in the news accused of outright Fraud. In fact I only used the coins when I could get them for free. Nobody takes that sort of thing seriously, and for a woman it's even less relevant. PROOF: After 26 days, I deleted all of the information and pictures on my profile and canceled but my subscription still had 4 more days.

Seems it's some online dating service in San Francisco. They tried to give me the run around making it seem like it was my fault someone had used my card information.

When I asked about the account used to make charges with my card they wouldn't give me any information.

They promised to block the card so it couldn't be used again.

So now I have to wait 5-10 business days to have the money put back into my account.

I purchased 1 month subscription canceled it the same day and am still getting charged a month later and can't get anyone to return an email except from a computerized generated email.

I spoke with 3 different people and got 3 different stories.

Made it feel like we had know each other for a long time. One of features is being able to like someone by picture only not able to see profile so unable to see if smoke or where live.

Great improvement over past few years, great layout, options, most people are real and genuine. Only negative is the fact that the app continuously shows recent views from the same people, alerts are frequent even though there is no real new activity on your account I did not expect to meet someone who I could fall in love with so easily. Very few paying members so rarely can have message. I paid $ up front, snd then you have to buy coins to unlock messages from people.

I am not convinced that all of the "members" are members.

The Carousel sends people from over 50 miles when 50 miles is my entered limit. I have met someone on Zoosk who is just fantastic and it looks like its serious. I had 4 charges made to my debit card totaling 5.00 from Zoosk/San Francisco. I get a text every time money comes out of my account. Before i could do this 2 more charges had been made.

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