Updating bsd 5 3

Click the big photo above or the "read more" link to read the Changelong and the rest of the details for What's New in 2.0.5 . We've added a lot of adjustments since our last release including a few bug fixes.

We are currently in the process of updating all the supported distros with the latest version, this process takes way too long. We appreciate all of our users and supporters but u Get is a project that consists of only 2 people.

Each topic has one or more full source code examples, for further clarification.

Of course, when the tight details are needed, a complete reading of the appropriate man page is necessary.

There are summaries for that: they quickly list key aspects. For every subject, some examples are reported in plain text/html.This is also a good starting point for getting introduced to some UNIX programming concepts and to UNIX IPC (that's Inter-Process Communication).The page covers several programming topics under UNIX in a practical fashion.We've also been working on the website quite extensively lately making improvements to the download section as well as the improving the Version Checking system.If you're curious what all we've done so far check out the rest of this blog post and the changelog attached.

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