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This can be done on the Ultimaker 3 (when connected to the network) or via USB.To update the firmware via the network, take the following steps: The Ultimaker 3 will now get the latest firmware from the network and install it. It is not necessary to update your Replicator 2 to 7.6.i had a k500i before.i got it replaced with k700i because it is getting switched off i see the same problem with this one navigation key is also too the hell is this? only prob is that the camera sound cannot be turned off even if i but ring level to 0 and profile chosen is meeting.. The latest firmware version for the Replicator 2 is 7.5.The latest firmware version for the Replicator 2X is 7.6.To update your printer's firmware, connect your printer to Maker Bot Desktop and go to Devices Update Firmware.

Thanks for the reply Richard, Should I be forewarned about anything before I try to upgrade the phone?

In the past you had right to worry, but now it's pretty easy to operate and should work. You have an o2 branded version, so if you find that seus wont let you upgrade your firmware (o2 need to 'test' new firmware, but they may not bother as your phone is considered old by them, I'm sure) then there's a couple of websites you can go to with software that can upgrade your phone, which you may find fixed the problems.

I found on a couple of occasions SEUS wouldn't update a certain part of my phone for some strange reason, and I had to use one of these two websites: TMA (total multi server), a search engine will bring it up.

The problem is the connection keeps dropping and reconnecting all the time.

My firmware is version R2AN001, aparently this is an O2 specific release of firmware.

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format, this 3GP format files cannot played on normal multimedia players like WMP or Real Player.

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