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I always ask for a update on my truck and it never fails for them to tell me that it will cost 100 and that the only way it can be free is it theirs a problem or if it has a recall.But I'm like hey I got warranty shouldn't it cover it, but saddle no, but I still always ask and they say "there is not up date" O yeah I ask about if they can change the oil mileage to notify later like, instead of 3500 I want to set it higher since I use that mobile 1 synthetic oil 15000 mile change.but as mentioned above, a dealer will only do it if it's to correct a specific issue you are having, or if you ask them to specifically update your ecm/tcm... and if you're still under warranty, they should not charge you to do it either..my car was still under warranty, every time I took it in for service, I told them to update my ecm/tcm with the latest GM updates/calibrations...Man it really bugs me when I take me truck in for a service.Adding these upgrades on many vehicles today may require expensive trim package upgrades that many people may not be able to afford in these challenging times.If adding the full blown navigation upgrade isn’t in your budget, then this may very well be an option worth considering!

I told my dealers specifically NOT to touch my computer for this reason (even made a tamper evident deal for the OBDII port), and the fact that once they erase the existing software (i.e.If these conditions are encountered, replace the antenna and use the new updated antenna cover. Mask and spray paint the cover to match as necessary.Do not use any sealants on the antenna or its seals/gaskets.TIP: The painted antenna cover is not intended to be removed.Do not remove the antenna cover as this may compromise the sealing performance.

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