Updating links on multiple html pages at the same time russian women on dating sites

Although I can add a new page to the Legacy Course Files section in the Course Admin, I cannot link to this using the File resource tool as the legacy files are not seen.

For obvious maintenance reasons, I want to have one set of HTML files (including associated css, framework images, etc) to which I can link to specific pages in each moodle course layout section.

Your options are either to rely on a third-party solution or write your own macro to do the changes.

There are a number of third-party programs that offer the type of search-and-replace function necessary when working with multiple documents. Search Sub Folders = True ' search the subfolders .

All you need to do is make changes to specify which directory and drive to use in your search, as well as what the old and new information is. Lookin parameter early in the macro to indicate where the macro should search; make sure you use a full path. Text parameters to reflect what you are searching for and replacing with.

Close wd Save Changes Next i Else ' if the system cannot find any files ' with the extension Msg Box "No files found." End If End With End Sub This macro is quite powerful, and it allows you to not just change a street address, but also your e-mail address.

Are these the reasons that you are recommending not using legacy files or are there additional reasons?

Thanks to you both and to Stuart for sharing the sample of his course Tiff Hello Tiffany, It seems there is some confusion here.

From our 1.9 site we had a HTML mini-site built in Dreamweaver with all the usual relative paths to css, a little javascript, images etc.

Please start with the following (which belongs to the Files in Moodle 1.9 section): Problems with the Moodle 1.x Now, under the Files in Moodle 2 section, notice the following: Then, the Why is it better?

section refers to the Moodle 2.x File System model, not the legacy file system.

Of course, in order to know which are the best options one would actually need to know the course design requirements.

Regarding the use of an external repository and given the "mini site" concept being handled, maybe the following could be of help: Host Websites With Dropbox.

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