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Again, neither of these options installs updates automatically: they just set whether the system should look for updates regularly, and whether the system should download those updates when available.If you check the above two options, and only those options, you’ll still need to tell the system to install updates. Which is why your Mac, by default, installs them automatically.System updates protect your Mac from malware and other threats, and occasionally add new features.The current (as of this writing) Mac OS X 10.11.3 Combo Update is just shy of 1.5 GB in size.Future OS X combo updates are destined to be even larger.Apple keeps all of the OS X combo updates available on the Apple support site.A quick way to locate the right combo update is to stop by the OS X Support Download site.

Apple routinely releases updates to OS X that are available through the Software Update process or the Mac App store, depending on the version of OS X you are using.How this works varies from application to application: many will show you a simple notification when an update is available, allowing you to download and install updates in one click.Anything from Microsoft will require Microsoft Auto-Update (which for some freaking reason always needs to update itself before it can update any software.) There’s not much you can do to change this, other than check the settings for individual applications and see if they offer automatic updates.Click the “App Store” button and you’ll see the automatic update settings right at the top of the window.The first two options are about checking for and downloading updates—not installing them.

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This can result in infrequent system or application freezes, or the inability of an application to launch.

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