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If you are using paper flashcards, it’s easy to flick through all of them if you only have 30 of them to review, but as the number grows to 300 or 3000, it quickly becomes unwieldy. He observed that we tend to remember things more effectively if we spread reviews out over time, instead of studying multiple times in one session.

Since the 1930s there have been a number of proposals for utilizing the spacing effect to improve learning, in what has come to be called One example is in 1972, when a German scientist called Sebastian Leitner popularized a method of spaced repetition with paper flashcards.

This was a revolution in learning, as it meant material could be learnt and retained with the absolute minimum amount of effort necessary.

For example:, where we read, watch or listen to something without pausing to consider if we know the answer.

This can seem pretty depressing when you need to learn a lot of information.

The only problem is that traditionally review was not very practical.

When good teachers give you a series of questions to answer after reading an article, or make you take weekly progress-check tests, they are not doing it simply to see if you understood the material or not.

By testing you, they are increasing the chances you will be able to remember the material in the future..

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