Updating to windows service pack 3

Traditionally those updates are service packs, but more often these days, they're semi-regular and significant updates via Windows Update.

In fact, in Windows 10 and Windows 8, the service pack, as we know it from previous versions of Windows, is essentially a dead idea.

Underneath that you will see which Service Pack you have (if any). How To Install A Service Pack – The easiest way to install a Service Pack is to let Windows Update do it for you.

Make sure you have set Windows Updates to Automatic (see our article on keeping Windows up to date automatically) and it should prompt you to install the next SP for your computer.

But I can't understand why Windows 10 is trying to install an XP update on a machine that has never has XP on it. yes, same damned situation with my two Lenovo laptops now running Windows 10, and that idiotic error message about unable to install an update about office XP service pak3. Microsoft is off on this one and needs to do something about it!!!

But I can't understand why Windows 10 is trying to install an XP update on a machine that has never has XP on it. My current laptop was purchased new last October, loaded with 8.1.

If it doesn’t then you can force the check manually: Click Start, click All Programs, Click Windows Update. When the check has finished, click on ‘View Available Updates’ and select the Service Pack update.

If you have ANY portion of Office XP on your computer that can be identified as part of Office XP/2002 such as Power Point Viewer, Word Viewer, Excel Viewer, etc., it probably is picking it up and offering that update.

Follow the simple instructions during the process and do not use your computer whilst the installation takes place – this may take up to an hour and will restart your computer during installation.

You can download the relevant service packs from Microsoft: XP SP3 32-bit version – download from here Vista SP1 32-bit version – download from here Vista SP1 64-bit version – download from here Tip: See our article on how to tell if Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit if you are unsure which version yours is.

And today the Office XP Service Pack 3 update tried to download/install.

It failed of course, but apparently I will now continue to be nagged ad haunted by this absolutely ludicrous and unnecessary update!

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