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For Microsoft, it’s a win-win, but for consumers, it can mean that you are giving up a bit of bandwidth to support this functionality.

If you’ve ever played a massively multiplayer game, you might recognize this way of distributing a new update.

In recent years, the grizzled ruler of Gilneas has suffered many hardships: his son and his nation fell to the Banshee Queen Sylvanas and her Forsaken, and he nearly lost his humanity to the worgen curse.

Yet from these tragedies, Genn has found new strength and courage.

Heir to the throne of Stormwind, Anduin is wise beyond his years.

His machinations ended in defeat, but he has been given another chance at vengeance.

Now, Xavius leads the conquest of Val'sharah, where the tainted World Tree Shaladrassil spreads the Emerald Nightmare's corruption.

It’s essentially Bit Torrent, and it distributes the load of app updates off the game servers so they don’t crash with every upgrade.

It’s a proven system that dates back at least 10 years.

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After his demise, she imprisoned his surviving followers, the Illidari, vowing never to allow the fel-touched demon hunters to roam free ever again.

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