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Cards produced by English firms of Raphael Tuck and International Art are also coveted by collectors. Although in business for only about five years, Winsch had managed to copyright more than 3,000 designs, many of which were valentine cards.In this country, companies such as the Detroit Publishing Company, the Reinthal & Newman Publishing Co. An easy way for the beginner collector to build a quality collection of postcards is to focus on any of the above-mentioned publishers.Often, they were die-cut chromolithograph images which, when the card was opened, produced a three-dimensional view. Todays prices for these adorable 100-year-old cards can be as little as , with the more elaborate ones going for hundreds of dollars.In time, honeycomb paper puff designs were incorporated into these cards.The charm of early handmade cards, often with a few lines of verse proclaiming ones love, make them a favorite of todays collector.Although they are more difficult to find, fine examples can be purchased today for as low as .These early cards featured cupids, hearts and angels that were decorated with beads and lace in what is today referred to as Victorian scrap.

Finding a Clapsaddle Valentine card for at a flea market might be a great investment, or it might be a waste of money if the card is creased, has a torn corner, or has writing on the illustration.

The first commercially-produced valentine cards in the United States appeared circa 1860, and the craze for sending and exchanging valentine cards reached its peak between 18.

During these years, February 14th became one of the postmans busiest days.

The homely man or woman, the spinster, the overweight individual, the flirt, or the dishonest butcher with a fat thumb, might well have received a Penny Dreadful on Valentines Day.

Such cards were often delivered by some surreptitious manner to the unfortunate precipitants home.

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Today, paper puff cards can be purchased for as little as $10 with the more intricate one selling for $100 or more.

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