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This paper seeks to show that behind these complex politics lie two transnational factors: the life experiences of the immigrants under the communist regime in Vietnam prior to their arrival in America; and the current political situation in their home country.The data used in the paper are drawn from ethnographic research in which I interviewed 22 Vietnamese living in northern Illinois.We demand an end to ICE raids, detentions, and deportations. The Vietnamese American community calls on ICE to immediately halt detentions of these individuals in violation of the agreement. The same values that swayed the Cambodian government to request a pathway to reunite separated Cambodian American families and prevent further separations. Today, Southeast Asian Americans are taking a stand together and call on our allies and elected officials to stand with us.We demand that families are reunited and community members who have been removed have a right to return to the U. As Southeast Asian survivors of war and as Americans, it is no longer enough to bear witness. issued visa sanctions on Cambodia for refusing to comply with the repatriation of deportees. We are proud as Southeast Asian Americans to uphold democratic and humanitarian values, the same American values that took many to the streets decades ago to denounce and demand a stop to the U. Unjust bombings, wars, and genocide ravaged and displaced our communities. We are still struggling to rebuild and heal decades later, and now our communities are faced with targeted deportations ripping apart our families. Effective October 27, 2017, a class action lawsuit was filed by Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus on behalf of Cambodian Americans unjustly detained, arguing for the immediate release and halt to further deportations of our community members by ICE.According to Pham (2003: 148, 149), many chose to stay in America to avoid the draft and the political instability in South Vietnam at the time, eventually becoming part of the Vietnamese American community.The political experiences of Vietnamese students who arrived in America before 1975 are nonetheless different from the experiences of those who came after 1975.

These draconian enforcement measures are part of a broader pattern of attacks by the Trump administration against vulnerable immigrant families. But ICE has begun apprehending and detaining individuals who arrived before 1995. Our communities are resilient, and we join our immigrant and refugee brothers and sisters throughout the country in the continued fight for justice, for our dignity, and for our families.

However, a brief description of these communities can form the basis for future research.

There were up to 15 000 Vietnamese students in America prior to 1975 whose lives were politically affected by the war in Vietnam.

In the brutal conditions of the camps, he performed forced labour, living in constant fear of punishment by the camp authorities or of death from starvation.

After 21 years living under the communist regime, Mr Trung and his family came to America as refugees in 1996.

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