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This kind of sexual dimorphism is tacitly assumed to be a common trait in the following.

However, there are a couple of species with more striking differences between males and females.

However, when the female Kiaphet Amman'sor speaks to the other Xindi species in ENT: "The Council", the camera shows such an Aquatic that was supposed to be male.

In any case, the dissimilarity between the round faces of one sex and the pronounced humanoid features of the other one establishes a sexual dimorphism.

All women without exception have red hair with a dark streak, and all men sport a gray, skunk-like streak in their otherwise dark hair.

These features can hardly be a fashion or even a totalitarian uniformity, considering they can be found among the security forces and the Ansata terrorists alike.

This difference is visible already on the first Cardassian woman, Gul Ocett, who appears in TNG: "The Chase".

The trait is maintained consistently since that time, for instance for Natima Lang in DS9: "Profit and Loss".

The Star Trek Communicator, Issue 149, identifies the larger form with its more pronounced and more human-like facial features as the males.So all female Cardassians always had those blue markings." Ferengi females sport smaller ears than males (as the men say, females "don't have the lobes").This difference is systematic and is a distinguishing mark that requires Quark to undergo a medical treatment in order to pass as a woman in DS9: "Profit and Lace".Pel from DS9: "Rules of Acquisition" is an example of a true Ferengi woman with the typical small ears. Quark's mother Ishka and Grand Nagus Zek demonstrate that the difference is still present among elderly Ferengi.For some reason we never see any other Ferengi women. Their look is identical to that of humans, except for a conspicuous sexual dimorphism.

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The blue markings, especially the one on the spoon, may be the Cardassian equivalent to eye shadow.

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