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Through startups like Bitcoin Suisse AG, Zug has become an important region for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment in Europe.Two years ago, Bitcoin Suisse recorded a million annual trading volume.Local Crypto Valley veterans represented by Niklas Nikolajsen, CEO of Bitcoin Suisse, and Olga Feldmeier, CEO of SMART VALOR, will join the stage.William Mougayar, a well-known author and blockchain thought leader, will be a Keynote speaker.“Managers of the banks have knowledge both in IT and traditional finance. First people already got in business and now the bank is searching for the premises,” says the bank’s IT Specialist Guido Rudolphi.The new bank will specialize in bitcoin credit, one of the project’s key investors told the newspaper. Some segments are rising while some are still on the horizon,” says the investor.

In other words, Switzerland can’t go back to letting people bury their financial secrets.” In Asia, several countries such as Japan and South Korea, the world’s first and third largest Bitcoin exchange markets, are working toward providing an efficient ecosystem and transparent regulatory framework for businesses.

In case you are interested to present your project to Swiss and international investors and VC companies – this is your chance.

The VCs specialized in crypto investments, such as Polychain, Outlier Ventures and Coin Fund, will be there as well as more traditional VC funds such as UK-based Open Ocean, which recently started to look into the ICO space.

ICOs have undoubtedly changed forever our understanding of how projects can be funded and structured.

The ICO Summit, which will be hosted in Zurich on the 15 September 2017, is set to bring movers and shakers of crypto-funding together: carefully curated program packed with educational sessions, expert opinions, case studies, keynotes and panel discussions has been developed, combined with intense networking opportunities and pitch sessions for startups.

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In addition to ICO summit, multiple other events will happen in Zurich around this date: If you consider yourself a seasoned crypto-enthusiast, then Swiss Crypto Valley is the absolute place to be and to be seen; and if you are just beginning your crypto journey – ICO Summit in Zurich will give you a kick start, accelerate your knowledge and take your idea to the next level.

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