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The West Germanic dialects can be divided according to tribe (Frisian, Saxon, Franconian, Bavarian and Swabian), and according to the extent of their participation in the High German consonant shift (Low Germanic against High Germanic).The present Dutch standard language is largely derived from Low Franconian dialects spoken in the Low Countries that on its turn was almost completely based on Old Frankish, the language of the Franks.I started off by conducting loss-on-ignition analysis, which is literally burning the mud to give an estimate of the proportion of organic versus minerogenic material.I am also developing a technique to look at the fluorescence characteristics of the porewaters.Theodisk survives as tedesco ("German") in modern Italian. It was only in the early 1600s, with growing cultural contacts and the rise of an independent country, that the modern meaning arose, i.e., 'designating the people of the Netherlands or their language'.

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Hi, my name is Charly Briddon and I am Keele University student currently undertaking research for my MSc in Geoscience.

For my international placement I have joined a collaborative project within the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry (a collaboration between the University of Nottingham and the British Geological Survey) involving supervisors at Keele University (Dr Antonia Law), University of Nottingham (Dr Suzanne Mc Gowan) and the British Geological Survey (Dr Keely Mills).

We are using a UV visible spectrometer which provides 3-dimensional data on excitation and emission to provide information on where the organic matter in the sediments comes from- for example is it from soil erosion or from algal blooms in the lake.

This technique is quite novel and I am looking forward to using this piece of equipment which is brand new to the university, this part of my project is being supervised by Dr Shafi Tareq from the School of Biosciences in Malaysia.

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For a long time this sentence was considered to be the earliest in Dutch, but since its discovery even older fragments were found, such as "Visc flot aftar themo uuatare" ("A fish was swimming in the water") and "Gelobistu in got alamehtigan fadaer" ("Do you believe in God the almighty father"). Professor Luc De Grauwe from Ghent University disputes the language of these sequences of text, and actually believes them to be Old English, so there is still some controversy surrounding them.

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