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In the state championship game, Saracen passes for 283 yards and 2 touchdowns in leading the Panthers to a 27-26 epic comeback victory over West Cambria High School.Matt also begins a relationship with Coach Taylor's daughter, Julie.Along with his best friend Landry Clarke, he is a social outcast.That changes when Jason suffers a career-ending injury, forcing Matt into the starting quarterback position.When the series begins, Matt is the back-up quarterback.No one notices him on the field because Jason Street is the top high school quarterback in the nation.

After learning about Matt's problems, his mother comes to Dillon hoping Matt will allow her to help out at home even if he doesn't forgive her for leaving when he was a child.She denies him at first but gives in and sleeps with him.Their relationship does not last long, as Carlotta leaves the Saracen house to return to her family in Guatemala.During his senior year of high school, Matt slowly began reconnecting with his mother, who desperately wanted to be a part of her son's life again.In season 4, Matt's father dies after stepping on an IED.

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Crushed by Jason's injury, the town and team pressure Coach Taylor to find a new quarterback, because no one (besides Coach) believes Matt can get the job done.

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  1. In a rare move, the teenager stood in the witness box and told the judge about her struggles to cope following the fire in October 2016, when she was 12.