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), all in period costume and/or moustaches makes for a very rare juxtaposition of atrocious acting from the school of Schmaltz.

Holland's Opus), overachievers (Rock Star) and time-traveling prophets bearing the benevolent message, "Be excellent to each other" (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure).

Turns out his wife is carrying on a lesbian affair, which is messing with David's rep in town.

Meanwhile, young Melody (the always radiant and underexposed Jennifer Westfeldt) isn't quite in love with her boyfriend, but he keeps pushing for fancy trips and even marriage.

, which revolves around a crew of skilled swindlers who use their skills to fight corporate and governmental injustices inflicted on ordinary citizens, was cancelled on Friday (Dec 21) by the network amidst failing ratings, although the news that the show would be ending was announced some time before.

Dean Devlin, executive producer of the show, explained the situation to fans in an open letter released on December 6th on the fan website

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