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These questions – here as in life – are unanswerable.It is impossible to separate ourselves from the experiences we have lived.When rebel president Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) uses Gale's bombing strategy to murder Capitol children (in a strategic political move to blame Donald Sutherland's evil President Snow and turn his own soldiers against him), the bomb also kills Katniss’ sister, Prim.All along, Gale has taken on the role of protector of Katniss’ family – this was his reason for not volunteering for the first Games with Katniss.Peeta "can't tell what's real and what's made up," so Peeta and Katniss develop their game of "Real or Not Real" to verify Peeta's memories until he recovers.Making up this game together is a fitting illustration of how relationships are ultimately an act of shared storytelling.While Katniss has long maintained that she loves Gale, her actions over time reveal that she and Peeta are bound together – through circumstance, compatibility and most of all shared experience.In (2014), Finnick tells Katniss, "After your first games, I thought the whole romance was an act…we all expected you to continue that strategy.

So, does she love Peeta from the start and learn it over time?

The first installments, The Hunger Games (2012) and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), told us the opposite: Gale was Katniss’ "real" (private) love, and Peeta was her "fake" (public) romance acted for the cameras.

Over the course of the story, this dynamic shifts, and the performance of her love with Peeta grows into a reality. For one, Gale is revealed to be not the person she thought (nor, perhaps, the person he previously was).

This is the tale of a special young woman leading the disempowered to fight a war against their oppressors, which, secondarily, features a love story.

Gale points out in a stolen conversation with Peeta in that the question of whom Katniss will choose is likely academic; the chance that all three in the love triangle will survive is slim.

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