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Heather’s mouth is open and she stutters an apology that Alex doesn’t hear.The young forward wires her jaw shut and runs out of the room.“Alex wait!Wine in hand, and a little unstable in her gait, Heather manages to catch her heels on long tablecloth, sending the aforementioned wine flying in Alex’s direction.Alex barely has a second to react when she feels cold liquid splash all down her side.Kissing Tobin is, give or take an angel, the equivalent of Heaven.Tobin’s lips pressed hesitantly against hers and wipes her mind completely clean of everything that came before this glorious moment.It was so obvious that she’s sure Pia separates them at practice because she knows.“You look gorgeous.” Alex replies and Tobin blushes.Alex opens her mouth to say something suggestive, and it’s fine because she “jokingly” hits on Tobin all the time when Heather O’Reilley strikes.

They’d been together for months now, and Alex was ready to move onto the next stage of their relationship.

She takes off one of her heels and chucks it at Alex’s rearend. She turns back to Kelley and rolls her eyes impatiently.

The whole banquet area is covered with Nike paraphernalia and Alex mockingly asks Kelley if they should’ve stapled the Swoosh to their chests.

The blue dress she's wearing glitters in the bright hotel lighting and it hugs her figure so closely that Alex could imagine exactly what her body looked like without the clothes.

Kelley follows Alex’s shell shocked gaze from the object of her affections, back to her several times.

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Tobin lets go too soon and Alex can’t help but stare.

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