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As far as her romantic life, getting back together with Andrew Garfield with only exacerbates things—"They're like a stick of dynamite and a match," says Greenfield.

Enter Milo Ventimiglia: He's sweet and comfortable, their Mars and Venus support each other and they (would) bring out the best in each other.

The power of astrology extends into the romantic realm as well.

A couple's respective signs can make a huge difference in their comparability, and that is especially rings true in Hollywood (you know, where everything is super laid back and nothing ever gets in the way of a relationship).

While Greenfield mentioned that Zac Efron could offer great companionship, she ultimately settled on Scott Eastwood as her best choice. "When you have ties with your personal planets, that helps give longevity." Gaga currently has Pluto acting up in her chart, as well as an intense Mars going into a Neptune cycle. She's looking for intensity, power and to learn on a deeper level.

A pairing of Gaga and Leto would be intense, but Greenfield stresses that Gaga likes to push the envelope.

Megan actually met Bolt three months ago when they were modeling Jamaican athletic gear at Cedella Marley’s catwalk along other athletes.

But it was in London that they hooked up according to a witness who saw them together at the Movida club..

Megan was in her element and Usain introduced her to Lennox and Yohan and she had her picture taken with them.In 2004 she placed 2nd at the AAA indoor champs in Birmingham, 10th place ESAA Individuals the following year and 6th at the ESAA Individuals.Last year Megan was dating Matthew Lee from London, while Bolt was dating designer Lubica Slovak.Suddenly everything makes sense: That's why you found a dollar bill on the street yesterday!And that's why you decided to start up your relationship with Soul Cycle again!

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