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And, also, if you think about all the moments we wound up having on the show where there wouldn’t be a camera allowed, like in Fitch’s house, or when Sanchez is alone, dealing with her grief…there’s a lot of situations where there just would not be a camera allowed. But Ray was someone who was very self-centered, a selfish person. He’s self-centered because he’s pushed everyone away. That was the weird thing about that show: we knew that everyone had a limited shelf life. But that one was a little rough, because we knew that we wouldn’t be seeing (Drea de Matteo) every day anymore.") …but the good thing was it that they really got to end the show, ‘cause they knew it was getting canceled, so they were able to write a real proper final episode.

Ray is a self-centered person because he wants everyone to give him a certain amount of respect and attention and credit and stuff like that. But with “Detroit 1-8-7,” our future’s more uncertain. It can kind of end there and be a satisfying last episode, but at the end, there’s obviously room to go on. BE: Did you get the impression that it might’ve gone differently if they hadn’t had to rush to a conclusion the way they did? Although, y’know, there were those weird things with the space toys and stuff like that going on, so, I mean, I’m not sure if they were alluding to that before they had to choose the ending.

When I started writing that script, once I got into it, it felt like something that I really wanted to direct, to have the control to cast who I wanted to and work with the people I wanted to. () Actually, some of the character of Frank’s story was from an older script from about ten years ago – maybe more – that was never finished. I never said you couldn’t or anything, but I think they just felt secure enough with the words that…

The first scene in the movie, in the club, and the scene with him on the radio, they were from an old script, with different characters except for him. () You know, I mean, if your script is good enough, you don’t really need to improv. And Spike Lee, he’s a director where his scenes are sometimes a little bit sketchier, and he encourages his actors to improv.

And I felt really good that I was able to not do that.

BE: The last time you and I crossed paths was at the New York Comic-Con… For “Life on Mars.” BE: Which was hanging by a thread at the time, one which ABC cut only a few days later.

BE: I know you did an interview a few months ago where you did not sound entirely optimistic about a second season. I liked playing the character, and…yeah, it was a lot of fun.there are a lot worse credits to hang your career on that having been a regular cast member of “The Sopranos,” but Michael Imperioli’s done an outstanding job of picking top-notch post-“Sopranos” projects that he’s finding himself remembered for.Okay, sure, so they haven’t necessarily been massive ratings successes – “Life on Mars” got the axe after a single season, and while “Detroit 1-8-7” is still alive as of this writing, it’s generally considered by TV industry insiders to be a goner – but the people who love them really, Fortunately, if “Detroit” should go dark (though please still keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t), Imperioli also has a few other industry options: he’s a well-established writer, having penned several “Sopranos” episodes as well as Spike Lee’s “Summer of Sam.” Recently, however, Imperioli added the title of “writer/director” to his resume with the film “The Hungry Ghosts,” which can now be seen on And now we’re talking, and “Detroit 1-8-7” is in much the same position.Is it still technically alive as of this conversation, as far as you know?

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The other songs that we bought…well, they got lent to us…was already-recorded material that I chose that I just thought fit.

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