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As of February, GE employed 14,700 women in such roles, equivalent to 18 percent of its workforce.

Comstock also invests in women-led startups like Good Looks and Human Ventures to support innovation.

As a partner at Trinity Ventures, she’s invested in a number of female-founded tech companies while working with initiatives such as the Holberton School to help diversify the next generation of engineers. “And we can’t be defined by one story, as nobody can be.” Sharmi Albrechtsen CEO, Smart Gurlz Sharmi Albrechtsen wants more women in technology jobs.As co-founder of Bright Line Partners, a company that produces dynamic, interactive and now T-commerce ads for partners like Hulu, Corbelli has had to deal with adversity in both the advertising and the technology industries.“If you let your confidence and conviction drive you, you can ignore other dynamics that try to distract you,” she says.Meanwhile, her upcoming book, Be Fierce: Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back, will be published in October.Solange Claudio President, Moxie Solange Claudio knows it’s hard to walk the walk when it comes to achieving a more diverse workplace, but as president of Publicis Groupe’s Moxie, she has done just that.

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