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In her subsequent work as a leading lady, Kaylani brought both grace and humor to Stormy Daniels' feature-directing debut, "One Night In Vegas," while Brad Armstrong's "Sweatshop" benefited greatly from her winning stage presence and beguiling beauty.

She’s also shined in such diverse titles as “Between The Sheets” and Michael Raven’s ultra-stylish “Erotik.” And while she'd been a deeply sensual creature since the beginning of her career, such titles as “Candelabra” and “Porn Valley” showed that she was still refining her aura as a sexual superstar.

As an actress, she’s appeared projects as diverse as Armstrong’s “The Accidental Hooker” and “Bad Girls,” Morgan’s "Next," Stormy Daniels’ “Operation Desert Stormy,” and Francois Clousot’s “The Oracle” and “Fame.” Thanks to “The Wicked,” 2009 finds Kaylani Lei at the peak of her career.

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Impressed with her acting and sexual energy on screen, Wicked Pictures Owner and President Steve Orenstein signed the performer to an exclusive contract with the company.

Late 2003 saw Kaylani firmly established as a leading lady, thanks to the release of the first film of her Wicked contract, Michael Raven’s "Blue Rain," an erotic police drama that received press coverage in both AVN and on MTV’s "The New Tom Green Show." While "Angel X" had shown that she was more than capable of carrying the lead in a film, this AVN Editor's Choice took things to entirely new levels, with the actress handling both the dramatic and erotic extremes of the movie with aplomb.

We will update this site with new FREE bikini galleries each day. In this film, Drake dares to defy and show that humans, without mistake and without reservations, are by all means beautiful, sensual and desirable.Jessica Drake will, of course, not be alone in this journey.In late 2004, Kaylani carried the lead in Brad Armstrong's acclaimed thriller "Eye of the Beholder," an AVN Editor's Choice.A frequent studio guest on both Playboy TV and mainstream radio, this beauty has also hosted her own KSEXRadio.

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Furthermore, Drake stated that this new adult web cams movie is something she considers to be one of the most reflective films that she’s ever done.

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