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He said the doctors won't report you and it is 'your responsiblity' to report and based on an honor system. The only time it becomes an issue is if you get into an accident, the first thing lawyers (and probably insurance as well) will do is look at your health record, in which case you will be slammed with fines and whatever they do if you shouldn't be driving.

I haven't reported myself, but I have also pretty much stopped driving for now (drove twice in the last month, both times very short distances).

I gather from the answers that you'd KNOW if you were reported by the doc/hosp etc? Hi Snowoman, You don't even have a driver's license?

I contacted the Epilepsy Foundation of Northern California about this issue. If someone get a license after having had a seizure, and the DMV isn't aware of it, that doctor would be held accountable if you had a seizure while driving. In CA, the law requires them to report every seizure to the DMV, but usually not when you don't have a license. I lost my license in the early 90's do to uncontrolled seizures.

He did state that I had awareness before the episode,(cut me some slack) so DMV was ok the first time.

I am just not toooo thrilled that I might have a record before I even decide to get a licence.

I understand if they report me because I have a valid licence, but what happens to people who are of driving age, but aren't legally allowed to because they have no licence?

We live in CA, one of the 6 states that require doctors to report the seizures to the Dept. There is a possibility that your doctor assumed you were already driving. Not that it would you help much, since the DMV has this info, but he might stop reporting your seizures.

Also, it might help other patients he "assumes" already are driving.

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