Xbmc movie database not updating Free married sex dates in australia

Clicking on the space would play the movie correctly.

The problems were identical on both Xubuntu and Windows 7.

I found this forum post which fixed it for my windows XBMC. Mesaages like: "unable to connect to remote server" "would you like to continue scanning" message on set content 'movies', or 'update library'.

I'm using Universal Movie Scraper which is set to "themoviedb.org" (not imdb which is apparently broken from reading other posts).

The only information gleaned was a screen shot, the quality (i.e. This information was correct, however all other information was missing including the title, actors, plot, etc.

After adding the missing movies this way I would just have empty spaces in the Movie list, and when you scrolled over them the screen shot (not the DVD cover picture) would appear.

This scraper is currently the flagship of the Team-Kodi scrapers.

The initial search can be done either on TMDb or IMDb (according to the settings), but following that it can be set field by field that from which site you want that specific information.

These movies have always been added correctly before.The only thing I can think of is to do a clean install and re-create my personal settings and libraries Also note - the default scrapers, like "The Movie Database" are marked as "Add-on disabled", and when you select them the menu options for update and enable are greyed out, it's not possible to click them. [I know I should really be posting this on the raspbmc support pages so am not expecting many responses here but wanted to post in case anyone else has seen the same issue. tid=6705 "TV scraper - unable to connect to remote server" Seems it's actually a common issue as of early March, problems with website. Yep theres huge amounts of (costly) bandwidth being used by XBMC setups worldwide, but almost nobody is visiting their site so there's little advertising income. This is a bit of an aside - but I doubt that there is an issue regarding wanting advertising revenue from XBMC users because that particular site is particularly set-up for media centre access with a documented XML API. tab=sponsors It's quite feasible with the recent explosion of small devices like the pi into the hands of home users that all the scraping is using more bandwidth than anticipated.My google searches for solutions have found very few hits:] Thanks! I think of it as a temporary drop in service due to overload somewhere. The quick fix was for grabbers to use not access their service - as indicated in the original post in this thread. TMDb is currently used by millions of people every month and with their powerful API, it is also used by many popular media centers like Kodi to retrieve Movie Metadata, Posters and Fanart to enrich the user's experience.When you "Set Content", you can set your video content as Music Videos, Movies, or TV Shows.

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