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* To measure this performance increase, we compared execution speeds in XMLSpy alone on a typical developer's machine: Win7 32bit, Core2 Duo E8600 3.3GHz (2 cores), 4GB RAM, against validation speeds using a common Raptor XML Server configuration: Linux server 64bit, Xeon E5-2630 2.3GHz (12 cores), 128GB RAM, from inside XMLSpy over a 1 GB network.

Performance results based on Altova internal tests. The XPath/XQuery window provides numerous helpful tools for building and testing XQuery expressions, including a builder mode with helpful tools for developing XQuery expressions and evaluator mode for real-time results testing.

On the other hand, the other axes may be very inefficient in some reasonable implementations, and programmers may not understand this if the axes are standard. There are new computed constructors for processing instructions, comments, and spaces.

In earlier drafts you could write an XML comment directly: This is convenient, but doesn't allow you to calculate the exact comment text at runtime: the comment is an atomic value.

The XQuery editor has built-in knowledge of XQuery syntax and provides you with context-sensitive entry helpers at all times, including a list of variables that is updated dynamically as you edit the document.

Using the XQuery editor in advanced text view provides intelligent editing features such as syntax coloring, automatic code completion, and many other time-saving utilities to help you create and edit XQuery documents quickly and easily.

There are also new computed processing instruction constructors: axis in XQuery, there is no way you can actually observe an element node.

So what this section really specifies is what namespace prefixes may be used when elements are written in text form (serialized) and in the function.

The full drafts can be found a the W3C's XML Query home page.

With a computed element constructor you can calculate the text using an expression: .

I'm not sure why the committee didn't go this route. Perhaps they felt it was more consistent to have a "complete" set of computed constructors.

This article is my attempt to summarize the significant changes in the new drafts.

Note that there is no new version of either the specifications, which were released to Last Call in May.

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